The three-day tour of Yangshuo in Guilin ends successfully


Our company organized a three-day and two-night trip to Guilin and Yangshuo from April 23rd to April 25th. In order to strengthen the team awareness of enterprise management and reflect the company's humanized management. Let the business management personnel end their busy work in the first half of the year, relax physically and mentally, and enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature. Integrating team spirit into activities, more importantly, creating an atmosphere of unity, cohesion, activity, and progress for all business management personnel.

  Firstly, from the "Zizhou Misty Rain", one of the eight scenic spots in Guilin, in the hazy and misty morning weather, everyone enters Zizhou with a joyful mood. In the indistinct and looming fairyland like Penglai, Zizhou and Elephant Trunk Hill face each other across the water, and you can see the island formed by Zizhou River and Lijiang River.

The next day, everyone visited the Lijiang River and experienced "the most beautiful place in the world", "the river is like a green Luo belt, and the mountains are like jade hairpins"; As the boat moves along the river, it is like opening up wonderful landscape paintings. Let everyone truly experience the stunning Lijiang fairyland of "boats walking in the river, people swimming in the painting". Watching the reflection of strange peaks, clear water and green mountains, the leisurely songs of shepherd children, the leisurely fishing of fishermen, the rustic countryside, and the fresh breathing, everything is so poetic and picturesque.

  Next, we visited one of the most distinctive scenic spots in Guilin, Yinziyan. Relying on the surrounding mountains and waters, the scenic area is built in the style of local ethnic minorities, with pavilions, platforms, towers, and pavilions surrounded by green numbers. What's even more unique is the mysterious underground river paired with Guangxi's most distinctive "Liu Sanjie Song". Throughout the process, everyone's singing, applause, and laughter were endless.

  As the journey drew to a close, the colorful lights lit up and everyone took a night trip to West Street. The dazzling neon lights woke up the Chinese Foreigner Street, where the ancient stone road and the Qing Dynasty brick and tile houses stood out in distance. Coupled with modern specialty shops, the romantic atmosphere was fully displayed, making everyone feel the bustling and bustling West Street. Its exotic night scenery was even more diverse and full of customs.
This three-day and two-night tour not only warmed everyone's daily work pressure and tension, improved everyone's cultivation, but also strengthened the company's team spirit. This time, at the end of the journey, everyone's enthusiasm did not diminish, but rather cared about the people and things along the way, as well as those beautiful memories and scenery. This enthusiasm will also accompany our future work!

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