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A single thread cannot make a thread, and a single tree cannot make a forest. In order to improve the team's assistance ability, enhance communication and communication among colleagues, and further enhance the team's cohesion and combat effectiveness, on November 11, 2017, our company conducted an outdoor expansion activity with the theme of "Sincere Cooperation, Strongest Team" at the Magang Youth Camp. I hope that during the outdoor expansion training process, everyone can realize the importance of the team, thereby establishing mutual trust among team members and continuously shaping team vitality.

Before the opening ceremony, the instructor first creates a team atmosphere and establishes a foundation of mutual trust through a series of joyful activities. Subsequently, under the guidance of the coach, the 45 members of Hongye were divided into three groups and competed in activities such as the 100000 Urgent, Rock Climbing, Military Song PK, Big Foot Eight, and Excellence Circle. We strongly realize that team success is the foundation of individual success, and individual success must be built on the joint efforts and support of other team members; During rock climbing projects, each member must be bold and meticulous, dare to challenge, encourage each other, and overcome fear; The urgency of ten thousand is to cultivate the team's ability to unite and collaborate, and to create a sense of overall profitability together.

Here, the strength of the three groups is equal, each with its own strengths, but we are not comparing the high and low, but what have you gained in the process? What did you realize? What obstacles did my previous work methods and behavioral patterns bring to my work?

Through this outdoor expansion training, each group saw the strengths and weaknesses of their own group, and also felt the importance of cooperation and communication. It allowed the Hongye family to have a positive attitude and improved the team's assistance ability. In practice, it also improved the team's work performance, laying a good foundation for future work.

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