Fire emergency rescue drill


In order to effectively carry out accident emergency management work, improve a scientific, effective, and well functioning emergency rescue system, and enhance the emergency rescue capacity for safety accidents in Longyan Village. Our company has carried out comprehensive emergency rescue drills in accordance with the "Longyan Village Safety Production Emergency Rescue Plan" and the "Longyan Village Environmental Protection Emergency Rescue Plan" to promote the prevention of safety accidents in Longyan Village, test the emergency response and rescue level of Longyan Village in handling sudden accidents, and assess the practical ability of Longyan Village's emergency rescue work. Our company actively assisted the village committee and units such as safety production, fire safety, and environmental protection in organizing this fire drill on November 9, 2017 at 9:30 am.

The main content of this fire drill is to simulate a workshop in the factory area where a short circuit in the power line caused a flash fire, causing nearby goods and materials to burn. An employee discovered and began to put out the fire, while calling other personnel to rescue. However, due to the accumulation of too many goods, the fire area was large and the fire could not be immediately extinguished. The person in charge of the enterprise initiated an emergency plan and called the village emergency duty phone and 119, 110 rescue phones, How to self rescue and escape enterprise employees after a simultaneous fire.

At the drill site, the employees covered their mouths with their hands, bent down, and quickly and orderly ran out of the workshop to reach the emergency assembly point. Through this fire drill, the fire awareness of enterprise employees, their ability to respond to sudden fires, and the organization, response and actual combat capabilities of the inspection village and our company's fire safety were enhanced. During the drill, the command personnel remained calm and composed, and the majority of employees responded quickly. They excelled and successfully completed the scheduled project drill, enhancing the ability of enterprise employees to quickly handle emergencies and the spirit of unity and cooperation.

Finally, further strengthening the safety awareness of our employees, verifying the feasibility and operability of the fire prevention plan, has a strong promoting effect on emergency command, coordination, and handling capabilities, and has laid a solid foundation for efficient and orderly emergency work in the future.

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